Desktop US Weather Radar

Desktop US Weather Radar

US Weather Radar, Weather and Rain Forecast, Meteograms, Alerts, Webcams, Traffic, Clouds, KML and much more - all on your desktop
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Desktop App: US Weather Radar, Weather and Precipitation Forecast, Meteograms, Alerts, Webcams, Traffic, Clouds, KML overlay and much more.

US Weather Radar provides comprehensive information about the present and future weather conditions via Radar overlays and animation, weather forecast, precipitation forecast, alerts, webcams, meteograms, forecast video, cloud overlay, traffic, charts, KML overlay support for additional information and much more.

The US Weather Radar desktop app works as stand-alone program separately from the Chrome browser which you can move to the optimal position to have your weather always under control. It also remembers its position and size.

Overlays include

★ Animated radar images

★ Animated precipitation forecast

★ 1 hour precipitation

★ 24 hour precipitation

★ 1 day precipitation forecast

★ New: 1 hour minutely precipitation forecast and 48h details

★ Hurricanes

★ Wind barbs

★ Clouds

★ Warnings

★ Traffic cams

Additional features:

★ 8 day forecast

★ Precipitation alarm

★ Temperature profile overlay

★ New: Show local Tweets related to the weather

★ 48h forecast icons with many detailed information

★ Alerts

★ Reads forecast, alerts, ... via text-to-speech on certain browsers

★ Lightnings overlay

★ Vertical Radar Cross section

★ Storm Reports

★ Location history

★ Weather charts

★ 1h,2h,4h precipitation flows

★ Weather Time Machine

For daily forecast information hover over the weather icons. To get a forecast for a point on the map just click on the location on the map.

Configuration and more features like meteograms are available from the menu in the lower left.

You can also control US Weather Radar with keys:

" ": start/stop radar animation

"c": show webcams

"m"; show meteogram

"z": enter new zipcode for weather forecast

"!": open configuration

Uses ads in case of larger displays to fund the cost we have for data feed, ... - feel free to subscribe to remove ads and receive more frequent forecasts.

Desktop US Weather Radar 截图
Desktop US Weather Radar 截图
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