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** REFRESH LinkedIn page after downloading ** YouTube video demo: NEW: Join our…
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** REFRESH LinkedIn page after downloading **

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Machine Sourcer enables recruiters and sellers to source less and convert more by automating your targeted LinkedIn outreach.

What does less sourcing and more converting mean? Earn your commission faster by focusing on the steps that count.

What you can do with Machine Sourcer:

1. Build lists of prospects: Just type in the professional and geographic parameters to automatically build lists of profiles.

2. Customize your list: We know bots can't do everything, like know not to reach out to that guy who wouldn't stop talking to you at that one networking event. You can manually remove people from a list you build who you do not want to connect with.

3. DOWNLOAD profiles you collect in your list and port them over as CSV's or Excel files to your ATS/CRM systems or GROWTH hacking tools (Phantombuster?). We automatically fill in first and last name, LinkedIn profile URL, job title/company they work at, and their location!

4. Connect with prospects: Send personalized connection requests to your lists of prospects en masse.

5. Smart Search: We use the most targeted search methods possible to ensure that the people you want to connect with on paper are as ACCURATE as you can be.

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