GTA 5壁纸「GTA 5 Wallpapers」

GTA 5壁纸「GTA 5 Wallpapers」

安装这个扩展,并获得GTA 5壁纸每个新的选项卡 - 玩得开心!
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Get GTA 5 wallpapers & themes on your browser - Enjoy new background every time you open a new tab.

Some of our extension features -

>>> Easy access and navigation icons to world's most famous sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Ebay, Gmail, Youtube and more.

>>> Elaborated weather forecast - Today and the rest of the week ahead. You can even change from Celsius to Fahrenheit.

>>> Analog clock of your current local time.

>>> Current date based on your location.

>>> Choose default background or shuffle between all available Images

>>> User friendly and easy to use search bar

We created this extension for everyone who loves GTA 5, Grand Theft Auto 5, and GTA V.

You can always feel free to contact us by leaving your honest review and we will make sure to reply in no time!

In order to provide you with the best experience we will do our best to add new images every couple of weeks.

Thanks for the support and we hope you will find our backgrounds cool and awesome - enjoy :) !

GTA 5壁纸「GTA 5 Wallpapers」 截图
GTA 5壁纸「GTA 5 Wallpapers」 截图
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