Youtube™的黑皮肤「Dark Skin for Youtube™」

Youtube™的黑皮肤「Dark Skin for Youtube™」

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NOTE: You DON'T need this for the new YouTube design! There is a built-in dark theme now - click on your portrait top-right and there is an option for a dark theme.

The code is open-source on GitHub: . Please post any issues there. Everyone is welcome to contribute!


28.04.2017: v2.0.2

- Make the theme switch faster when loading the page.

27.04.2017: v2.0.0

- Initial support for the new (material) YouTube design which they have been A/B testing for a while

17.04.2017: v1.3.40

- Positions of like buttons are now directly updated from Github

- Themed experimental search box

- Small fixes

12.02.2017: v1.3.39

- Styled pages in Creator studio

- Fixed outlines in the "Recommended for You" search results insert

- Themed Youtube Live chat

Thanks to Dancanplay []

18.12.2016: v1.3.38

- Fixed likes and dislikes

- Fixed verified badges

- Themed YT Gaming popup and shared videos

Thanks to Dancanplay []

18.10.2016: v1.3.37:

- Fixed Trends label

- Fixed comment likes again

Thanks to Dancanplay []

27.09.2016: v1.3.36:

- Styles for slider buttons

- Creator studio fixes (Video manager)

- Fixed likes/dislikes on comments

Thanks to: Noyloy [], vuongggggg [], Dancanplay []

27.08.2016: v1.3.35 - A lot of style fixes:

- Comment writing

- Copyright strike page

- Separators on the History page

- Notification button hover

- Link color too dark

- Adjusted tick boxes

- Updated YT upload progress ui

- Upload screen

Huge thanks to @Dancanplay [], @NSDex [] and @vuongggggg []

26.07.2016: v1.3.34 - Fix styles for the account settings, creator studio and watched video improvements. Thanks to @Dancanplay and @jontonsoup4

29.05.2016: v1.3.33 - Fix styles for:

- The subscribe button

- Comment reply form

- Popup on first YouTube login

- Subscribe options popup

- Upload screen

Thanks to @Dancanplay

02.05.2016: v1.3.32 - Fix style for language and country selector and the new video badge - @Dancanplay and @covertbert

04.04.2016: v1.3.31 -

Fix background color in the popout chat and the YouTube logo in narrow view - @MizardX

15.03.2016: v1.3.30 - Update comment styles for latest CSS name changes - @NSDex

17.02.2016: v1.3.29 - Format Playlist popups + icons, format top bar on user page. Theme Share / More on Video Player + few minor things - @link07

09.09.2015: v1.3.28 - Styles for buttons and other style fixes. - @link07, @NSDex

10.08.2015: v1.3.26 - Fixes for Livestream and AlienTube comments. - @link07

05.08.2015: v1.3.25 - Fixes for comments and upload button. - @NSDex, @link07

08.03.2015: v1.3.24 - Fixes for in-page comments. - @NSDex

25.02.2015: v1.3.23 - Fix video titles. - @NSDex

15.01.2015: v1.3.22 - Fix header+description colors on the playlist page - @NSDex

09.11.2014: v1.3.21 - Fix links in video descriptions + various buttons, Fix related video text color, Fix the 'Add to' button sometimes not inverting. - @NSDex

28.08.2014: v1.3.19 - Fix inverted icons on the subscriptions page. + Fix for the new Details, Share, and Add To buttons. - @NSDex

15.05.2014: v1.3.18 - Fix for the white background under video titles.

As well as the white backgrounds in the descriptions of channel landing

page videos. - @NSDex

25.04.2014: v1.3.17 - Fixed broken layout due to YouTube changes. Thanks @NSDex

05.03.2014: v1.3.15 - Various style fixes and some minor color changes:

* Fix dark colors for certain text in the title/description videos that are episodic.

Header and guide now have a slightly lighter background color (same

as the footer), like in the original layout

* Fixed the color of the “Featured” tag

* Fixed the color of the header text in the related videos columns when

viewing a video in a playlist

* Fixed the color of the song metadata text in the description of

videos where a tagged song is detected.

Thanks to @NSDex !

05.03.2014: v1.3.15 - Fixed the background of the playlist popover menu. Thanks @NSDex

01.03.2014: v1.3.14 - Fixed some white styles that YouTube changed/added. Thanks @NSDex

27.01.2014: v1.3.13 - Fixed the comments colors for some users. Thanks @NSDex

11.01.2014: v1.3.12 - Fixed a lot of styles. Thanks @NSDex!

15.11.2013: v1.3.11 - Fixed the comments, side panels and a lot of other styles. HUGE THANKS TO @NSDex on GitHub!

18.10.2013: v1.3.10 - Fixed white background on related videos and the dark text on the subscribe button - thanks to @nicu03 on GitHub

07.06.2013: v1.3.9 - Changed the background color to a lighter one

01.02.2013: v1.3.6 - Fixed the footer background color

25.01.2013: v1.3.5 - Fixed the background of the news feed

11.01.2013: v1.3.3 - Fixed button styles and branded page colors

13.12.2012: v1.3.2 - Fixed some icons

10.12.2012: v1.3.1 - Fixed the video title color

07.12.2012: v1.3.0 - Fixed the styles for the new redesign

24.06.2012: v1.2.5 - Fixed the style of the new Youtube design

23.06.2012: v1.2.4 - Fixed some styles and the button state on browser start

10.04.2012: v1.2.3 - Fixed styles for the artist information page

06.04.2012: v1.2.2 - Bugfix when sometimes the button stops working

05.04.2012: v1.2.1 - Fixes some things that Youtube broke:

- Header is now dark again

- The description box

- Add to menu is readable

- Uploader names on the home page are visible

02.04.2012: v1.2 - Toggle button to switch between black and white skins

01.04.2012: v1.1 - Fixes the Youtube logo image, the messages page and some more contrast to the related videos

Youtube™的黑皮肤「Dark Skin for Youtube™」 截图
Youtube™的黑皮肤「Dark Skin for Youtube™」 截图
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