TweetDeck by Twitter

TweetDeck by Twitter

Your personal browser to stay in touch with that and see what happens now.
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TweetDeck - great application for advanced users from Twitter

Using TweetDeck, you can follow a lot more people than work directly on Twitter or in any other application.

TweetDeck is a management tool designed exclusively for Twitter. It offers Twitter users a very flexible and extensive way to manage multiple Twitter accounts.

Within a few days, it is available as a desktop client and as a mobile application for Android and iOS, and can also be used in a browser. You can also manage your Facebook, LinkedIn, and FourSquare accounts, not just Twitter profiles.

What's new in TweetDeck:

* Schedule tweets with images

* Create, organize and share the timeline of tweets that you want to use Collections

* Changed the new sidebar to the left

* Drag and drop column permutations on the sidebar

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