Unofficial WhatsApp for Chrome
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UPDATE: WhatsApp now has an official Windows and Mac app. Check https://www.whatsapp.com/


With WhatsChrome you get the following features:

★ Desktop notifications when a message arrives.

★ Send voice messages using your microphone.

★ Use your Webcam to send pictures of yourself.

★ Interact in your conversations from your computer or your mobile device. Everything stays in sync.

★ Send or receive photos and videos.

★ And all of the official WhatsApp features you already love, right in your computer. IT JUST WORKS!


This application works by packaging the official WhatsApp Web inside a Chrome App. It does not read, store, transmit or analyses any of your WhatsApp activity. Its sole purpose is to provide an AWESOME EXPERIENCE to users of WhatsApp Web and it is NOT THE INTENTION to mislead anyone to think this is the official WhatsApp for Chrome version.

Thanks for using it and please support us by sharing it!

WhatsChrome 截图
WhatsChrome 截图
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