On-Follow | Instagram的Automator

On-Follow | Instagram的Automator

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Grow your Instagram Followers Organically

Get real followers, likes and comments using automated targeted marketing.

Target your audience, get new clients, sponsorships and more!

Target your audience

Using our smart filters, you can target users by hashtags, usernames, locations and more! Customize the settings to match your strategy!

Auto Like & Filters

Auto Follow & Filters

Auto Unfollow & Filters

We automate your activity

Enable the activities that you want your account to perform and SocialDrift will automatically execute them for you!

Advanced Filters

Activity Logs

Interactive Charts and More...

Grow your following base.

Sit back and enjoy the blazing fast growth. Then it’s hands off. Your growth strategist does all the hard work for you – updating you with your results along the way.

Post like/comment count

Author following, followers count, and their ratio

Follow, follower count, follow/follower ratio

Media type, and more...

Best IG manager : Auto watch stories, collect commenters, Grow followers, follow, like, unfollow, trends and statistics

Yuuppy On-Follow is the only chrome extension that works with ig even after you close your chrome browser.

Yuuppy On-Follow is the tool you can use to create advanced filters and engage with the ideal users you want.

Yuuppy On-Follow offers the essential features you need to manage and boost your IG presence. You can like posts and follow* users from various sources, perform unfollows*, watch stories and upload posts*.

VPS upgrades is now avalable to users who dont have an access to computer or internet so that they can still use Yuuppy

It waits between actions so as to not be blocked by Instgrm's rate limits. When rate limited, it will automatically retry at an interval of your choosing.

★ Safe and Secure

- Yuuppy On-Follow doesn't require your account and password (it works with Chrome cookies)

- Yuuppy On-Follow doesn't rely on official APIs so Instgrm can't cut it off easily

- Yuuppy On-Follow runs only locally on your browser so services don't depend on any 3rd parties

★ Protection Mechanisms

- Adjust daily activity limits

- Sleep Timers

- Wait time after hitting rate limit

On-Follow | Instagram的Automator 截图
On-Follow | Instagram的Automator 截图
On-Follow | Instagram的Automator 截图
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