Google™主页的背景图片「Background Image for Google™ Homepage」

Google™主页的背景图片「Background Image for Google™ Homepage」

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Get your background image back on Google Homepage!

Choose an image from Flickr, upload your own, or put in a URL of your favorite image. Every time you go back your Google homepage, you'll be greeted with your own specific choice!

v4.2 - Fix uploading images (new Imgur API) & adding in new tab functionality

v4.1 - Fix background image on results page

v4.0 - Translated to French, Spanish, and Italian. Fixed some bugs, much cleaner code.

v3.1 - fix bug affecting non domains

v3.0 - fix bug due to ssl redirect

v2.9 - deploy rewrite!

v2.8 - test code rewrite to be faster, lighter weight

v2.7 - reenable "Click to see today's doodle" in footer

v2.6 - rewrite of Flickr updates to roll back broader permissions

v2.5 - update for Flickr SSL requirements

v2.4 - oops, uploaded the wrong version in the last push.

v2.3 - More bug fixes!

v2.2 - Finally added remove image option for users who want to simply remove the image that's showing, bug fixes

v2.1 - Slight update to options page, more reliable handling of dark --> white icons on homepage

v2.0 - Finally fixing the broken UI elements, re-enable ability to change background images from the homepage

v1.9 - Fix for users who haven't set a focus area

v1.8 - Quick bug fix

v1.7 - Added focus area support, fixed minor bugs with search by image, added ability to see Doodles

v1.6 - Added support for user uploads to imgur, fixed bugs in response to new results page behavior

v1.5 - Tweaked Flickr searching, improved triggering

v1.4 - Two releases in a day! Some minor bug fixes

v1.3 - Added support for Flickr search, link to options from the background

v1.2 - Adjustments to the options page

v1.1 - Synced background image to Chrome accounts

Google™主页的背景图片「Background Image for Google™ Homepage」 截图
Google™主页的背景图片「Background Image for Google™ Homepage」 截图
Google™主页的背景图片「Background Image for Google™ Homepage」 截图
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