Roblox新标签页「Roblox New Tab Page」

Roblox新标签页「Roblox New Tab Page」

安装此产品后,您将永远不会想要再次更改您的新标签页 - 背景和更多的功能
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We thank you for choosing our addon Roblox! We welcome you to a new world of HD wallpapers and tools! commitment to our customers, we take your opinion on our add on with with serious consideration. So hope you will find product amusing and fulfilling!

Besides elegant backgrounds you can enjoy, here are just some of the possibilities our app has to offer:

-> Choose the shuffle mode for wonderful wallpapers every time you open a new tab.

-> Create your customized interactive calendar and task bar for maximum pleasure.

-> Easy and fast access from links of social media

-> Customize your window so it suits you best!

We really want to know what you're thinking! Please let us know if you have any tips or inquiries through private message or email, and one of our team members will get in touch in no time, as soon as possible.

Roblox新标签页「Roblox New Tab Page」 截图
Roblox新标签页「Roblox New Tab Page」 截图
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