Omegle Anti-Spam

Omegle Anti-Spam

Besides working as anti-spam, you can also enable auto-reconnect and set your own greeting message with other Anti-Spam options!
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Tired of those bots asking you to visit a weird webpage, someone's snapchat or text their number? Fear no more!

This extension not only allows you to filter out such chats, but also gives you an ability to auto-reconnect and start a new chat immediately after any disconnection. You can even set your own welcome message.

The anti-spam checks a few behaviours, including the number of messages sent in short time, the content of the messages looking for spam-keywords as well as your custom filter words, which you can set in the settings. Any chats marked as spam will be automatically disconnected and - if enabled - a new chat will be automatically started. The Anti-Spam module works for a certain number of seconds, which you can set in the settings along with other options. After this time, the chat will be marked as real if no spam behaviour is detected.

The settings are saved in the cloud and you can access them by double-clicking the Anti-Spam button in the chat window. Single-clicking the button while it's enabled will temporarily disable the module for the current chat.

Your conversation is never saved, shared or sent to any server, do not worry!

There are surely some ways for improvement or new features, so if you have any ideas, feel free to contact me at the provided email!

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Omegle Anti-Spam 截图
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