Inner Circles

Inner Circles

Better LinkedIn networking results in less time.
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Inner Circles is a free LinkedIn add-on that groups posts from those you choose. Your LinkedIn home feed is cluttered by hundreds (if not 1000s) of acquaintances & contacts [who you barely know or care about]. Scrolling & scrolling is a waste of time! BUT... LinkedIn networking can be extremely effective & valuable:

With Inner Circles, you now focus your time on VIP referral relationships, clients, prospects, hiring managers, influencers, media connections, etc. The more Circles you have, the more efficient your focus is.

Golden Rule: The more you 'like, comment, share & email' your VIP, the more they will reciprocate. They will engage your content posts; engage your professional services; recommend and refer you. Inner Circles tracks these "Golden Rulers" metrics for you. Stay top-of-mind with your VIP Connections with Inner Circles.

You can also use Inner Circles to:

- Spy on your competition (via Private Circles)

- Quickly BCC email any or all of your Circles, and

- Export segmented lists for Constant Contact, Mailchimp, Aweber, Robly, etc.

Inner Circles is fast, fun & free. Mobile app coming soon. We're starting with LinkedIn but may add other professional networks... you tell us.

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