Google何时?「Google When?」

Google何时?「Google When?」

在您的Google搜索结果旁添加上次访问时间的日期标记! Tweet反馈@mogwely
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Timestamps for search results. Embedded in Google.

An alternative way of bookmarking. No need to search through your history or open up countless links in search of the correct one.

WhenX helps you re-find webpages you visited before and gives you a time context about when you searched for certain topics. It adds a Timestamp (a date-time tag with your last visit time) which gets displayed beside the link in Google search. Hover the timestamp for a detailed date time stamp

Timestamps aim at reducing search time, by making search results informative and thus increasing the probability of opening the desired search result.


★ Re-find websites

Instead of bookmarking every page you might need in the future, timestamps help you identify webpages you have seen before, when you search for them.

★ Avoid irrelevant links

A timestamp with a recent date like 'yesterday' or '8 hours ago' helps you avoid opening pages you recently explored, hence saves time reopening them.

★ Remember when you performed a certain task

Timestamps give you a time-context about when you were performing a certain search, by seeing the date-time tag beside purple links. You will be surprised how useful this is.

✓ No organisational effort needed

Unlike bookmarks, WhenX requires no need to maintain and organise folders full of links. Timestamps appear automatically beside search results without any action from the user.

✓ Retrospective

Timestamps appear for links visited before installation.

✓ Embedded in your workflow

You search Google as usual, without going to a separate interface or directory, and Timestamps are displayed beside links.

✓ Keeps your privacy

WhenX uses your local browser history, locally. Your history is not sent to any server and doesn't leave your local machine.

Join 40k users who boost their workflow using WhenX. Our user groups include:

➤ Students and Researchers (for researching)

➤ Recruiters and Headhunters (for filtering candidates they saw before)

➤ Developers (stack overflow questions)

➤ Frequent Searchers

☆☆☆ Used by employees at Facebook, Google, Twitter, by top recruiting teams and by students in 380 universities ☆☆☆

☆☆☆ Featured in MakeUseOf, CHIP, GadgetHacks, SourceCon and Reddit ☆☆☆


Here’s what some of our users have said:

"Switched to chrome to install it! i was heavily searching the same topic for a couple of days when i realised i need to know which articles i opened recently or long ago. Very useful."

"Google When is now installed on all company computers, to help our developers increase their productivity to find answers to technical questions on google."

"Wow, the effect this simple extension had was way more than i expected.. I now have a timestamp of most of my behaviour online! really cool!"

"Great and useful one indeed.specially for those who forget what they searched for before like me .."

"I am a recruiter and the extension is a must :)"

"I've actually been needing something like this as I do a lot of quick google research for work - saves me time going through my history!"


Questions or feature requests ? We would love to hear from you. Please chat with us at

Or send us an email to



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We are keen on your feedback! Feel free to leave your feedback or feature requests in a support ticket or tweet @whenxtension

Google何时?「Google When?」 截图
Google何时?「Google When?」 截图
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