Google何时?「Google When?」

Google何时?「Google When?」

在您的Google搜索结果旁添加上次访问时间的日期标记! Tweet反馈@mogwely
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WhenX helps you to find previously visited links in your Google™ search results by adding a tag with your last visit time next to the link! No need to go searching through your history or open up countless links in search of the correct one. Hovering over the tag will give you a more detailed stamp with specifics of the date and time of your last visit.

It helps you re-find webpages you visited before and gives you a time context about when you searched for certain topics.


🔍 Re-find websites

Instead of bookmarking every page you might need in the future, timestamps help you identify webpages you have seen before, when you search for them.

🚫 Avoid irrelevant links

A timestamp with a recent date like 'yesterday' or '8 hours ago' helps you avoid opening pages you recently explored, hence saves time reopening them.

⏮️ Retrospective

Timestamps appear for links visited before installation.

🔒 Keeps your privacy

WhenX uses your local browser history, locally. Your history is not sent to any server and doesn't leave your local machine.



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Google何时?「Google When?」 截图
Google何时?「Google When?」 截图
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