Google何时?「Google When?」

Google何时?「Google When?」

在您的Google搜索结果旁添加上次访问时间的日期标记! Tweet反馈@mogwely
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Find links you have seen before in google: When? adds a timestamp which tells when you visited or opened a link in Google search results!

When jumping through search results you can identify links that you’ve already visited by their purple color, but sometimes you want to know exactly when you clicked the link so you can remember what you were doing at that time.

When? makes it easy to find previously visited links in your Google™ search results. It adds a timestamp with your last visit time just next to the link!

No need to search through your history or open up countless links in search of the correct one. Hover the timestamp for a detailed date time stamp.

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Google何时?「Google When?」 截图
Google何时?「Google When?」 截图
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