Cats Backgrounds & New Tab

Cats Backgrounds & New Tab

All Fans Of Cats Must Install This New Tab Extension - Get Hd Themes With Great Functionality
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Hey there! We are so glad to see you on board. Add our new extension Cats Wallpapers! If your are a cats, cat, kittens and kitten lover, this is definitely for you!

Let us create the best experience for you! Except for HD Cats themes, we gathered a huge collection of the best games you can play all day long! Other than that, you can find an clock and date, and an easy access to your favorite sites - both social media and news sites, all in a click away.Also, you can pick your favorite Cats pic and enjoy the new look of your Cats new tab!

Not a fan anymore? That's alright! Just remove the Cats extension via your extension settings. Easy as that.

In order for you to fully enjoy all our great features and cats wallpapers, notice a change will be made in the appearance of your new tab. This is necessary so you can enjoy all the amazing tools we have to offer!

Have fun with Cats extension!!

Cats Backgrounds & New Tab 截图
Cats Backgrounds & New Tab 截图
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