Flash新选项卡「The Flash New Tab」

Flash新选项卡「The Flash New Tab」

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For all you loyal fans, this is for you! With The Flash new tab you will enjoy the most high quality wallpapers of The Flash and marvel comics at every moment and every time you open your new tab!

We want you to fully enjoy our The Flash extension, that's why we created the best features such as a weather widget and notes board, an amazing variety of The Flash HD wallpapers and your favorite sites in a click away directly of you new tab page.

If you wish to remove this The Flash extension,it's not a problem. Click on your extensions icon (with your right mouse click) and remove it.

So may you have the best time using this The Flash new tab!

Flash新选项卡「The Flash New Tab」 截图
Flash新选项卡「The Flash New Tab」 截图
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