parg.co网址缩短「 URL shortener」

parg.co网址缩短「 URL shortener」

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Aparg is happy to present chrome extension for, which will enable you to get shorten URL of the current one with the help of just one click. This will help you to make your daily work productive.

Why to use

As you probably know URL shorteners turn a regular URL into a neat one. You might have seen several similar web pages like: Taking into consideration the fact that they are neither easy readable nor memorable we present another solution for your problem. provides an opportunity to make the URL shorter which will look like Due to that it will be easier to remember a few symbols than long and mixed numbers and symbols.

Besides it's more convenient to use similar URLs while making referrals in a content. Moreover, it's easy to dictate the neat URL over the phone.

At last but not the least it's important to mention that URLs should be convenient for sharing. In case you want to share an image URL and it's too long, then you just shorten it with the help of and just share a clear and ease memorable URL.

The rise of mobile smartphones, texting and mobile internet is just a fact that it's far easier to text a short URL than a long one. It is obvious that sharing is one of the most popular activity in social platform.

The advantage of our URL shortener is that it's one of the unique shortener that supports URLs in any language. As the number of urls in different languages increases, has found an advance solution to handle them.

So, our product will give you an opportunity to save your time and use a tiny URLs instead of remembering so many complicated links. Hope you'll like our new product and will make your communication easier and more organized.

In order to use the service with advanced options please go to:

parg.co网址缩短「 URL shortener」 截图
parg.co网址缩短「 URL shortener」 截图
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