Fortnite主题 - 新标签「Fortnite Themes - New Tab」

Fortnite主题 - 新标签「Fortnite Themes - New Tab」

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We are thrilled you are here with us! Welcome to the Fortnite extension. We created it in great effort so you and other loving supporters could enjoy the experience. Let us know if you have any questions, our team will love to hear from you and we guarantee to answer ASAP.

Other than awesome fortnite wallpapers, you can pick out every day for your new tab, we gathered a first-rate collection of the best games so you can enjoy playing all day long. Also, enjoy analog clock and date, easy to use search bar and so much more.

In order for you to fully enjoy all our great functionalities and fortnite battle royale themes , notice a reshape will be made in the appearance of your new tab.

This is necessary so you can enjoy all the amazing tools we have to offer!


If for any crazy reason you no longer want our awesome fortnite product, it can be real fast and easy deleted from your chrome. Just go to your chrome settings and delete it :)

If you really like our fortnite new tab extension, please let your friends know it also so they can join! Thank you for joining and have fun!

Fortnite主题 - 新标签「Fortnite Themes - New Tab」 截图
Fortnite主题 - 新标签「Fortnite Themes - New Tab」 截图
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