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This Extension allows you to select your default search engine. You can select from any of our partner search engines which all respect your privacy, raise money for good causes and are completely ad free!

• Search with privacy

• Totally ad-free

• Raise money for charity

This extension ensures that you to never miss a chance to raise for your charity or good cause. Our fundraising reminder let you know if there is a donation for your chosen charity is available as you shop online. Additionally, look out for the raise icon on other search engines to see websites that donate to your chosen cause! You can switch the fundraising reminder off in the extension settings at any time if you are only looking for a change to your default search!

Additionally, add tiles to your collections wherever you are on the web. Just click the Extension icon in the top right and see a list of all the images, videos, gifs and links available - then add them directly into your chosen collection!

Check out these pages for more info on WhaleSlide:

• About us - https://whaleslide.com/info

• Terms and Conditions - https://whaleslide.com/info/terms

• Facebook - https://facebook.com/whaleslide

• Twitter - https://twitter.com/whaleslide

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