YoWindow免费天气「YoWindow Free Weather」

YoWindow免费天气「YoWindow Free Weather」

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1.84 What's new?

- New Americana landscape

This is the most loved weather extension for Chrome - 5 stars.

Feel the magic of YoWindow - see living landscapes reflecting the weather.

Original YoWindow is #1 Weather App on Windows according to download.com.

What's inside?

- Living weather picture - real cloud coverage, rain/snow, fog, grass swings to the wind, Sun, Moon, mist, thunderstorms...

- Full featured weather station - lots of information

- Time-scroll - see weather at any moment

- Animated landscapes - Village, Seaside, Airport plus 1400+ picture based landscapes

- Turn any picture into landscape with living sky

- Get ready for surprises :-)

We hope now you will love watching the weather as we did.

/YoWindow team

---- Surprises

- type "amelie" when the sky is blue and there are clouds

- type "fiesta"

YoWindow免费天气「YoWindow Free Weather」 截图
YoWindow免费天气「YoWindow Free Weather」 截图
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