NBA全明星新标签「NBA All Stars New Tab」

NBA全明星新标签「NBA All Stars New Tab」

NBA全明星队的所有球迷都必须安装这个新的选项卡扩展 - 获得高功能的高清主题
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We are so happy you decided to enjoy our awesome extension NBA All Stars! We created this extension as our token of our appreciation to the loving fans of Golden States Warriors, Stephen Curry, Cleveland Cavaliers, Lebron James, Basketball, NBA and more. So what are you waiting for? Have fun!

As we mentioned, our extension is all about your favorite NBA All Stars themes and wallpapers. But we think you deserve more... So we added a few features to brighten up your day -

* Accurate Weather Forecast

* Tons of 4k & HD Backgrounds to choose from

* Create your own task board and notepad with our to do list widget

We can keep going all day, Hope you enjoy our extension!

* Choose your favorite NBA All Stars wallpaper or rotate between all the 50+ HD themes

Wanna ask us anything? please do! contact us and we promise to reply ASAP!

In order to remove this NBA All Stars extension, you just have to go to the new tab settings and erase it from the extnesions board.

NBA全明星新标签「NBA All Stars New Tab」 截图
NBA全明星新标签「NBA All Stars New Tab」 截图
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