Mindfully track your mood
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Thyself is the Chrome Extension to mindfully track your mood.

Periodically throughout the day, Thyself halts your browsing and prompts you to look within and ask yourself "how am I feeling?". Choose an emoji that best reflects your current mood. Over time, your record of emoji builds up and you'll be able to pick out insights into what brings you joy, satisfaction and purpose.

According to a study by Dr Tasha Eurich, 95% of people think they’re self-aware, but only 10-15% truly are. Through the process of 'labelling' our moods in Thyself, we improve our self-awareness.


- Collect your moods

- Add an observation to your mood if you wish

- Countdown for mindful breathing or body scan

- Snooze Thyself when it's not convenient to answer your mood

- Sync your moods with a Thyself account

- See your moods across every hour for a month

- Pick out trends and insights

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