Color change of Facebook ™「换色的Facebook ™」

Color change of Facebook ™「换色的Facebook ™」

Change your Facebook ™ color and custom Facebook ™ today.
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如果你创建了一个你真的喜欢和喜欢发送给我的调色板,请发送电子邮件给我 - 也许我会包括你的下一个版本的默认预设之一。我欢迎您的建议 - 请给我发电子邮件您的酷的想法。



Tired of boring blue? Change & customize the Facebook ™ colour theme to anything you want!

With this Chrome Extension, you can easily customize your Facebook ™ theme colors, headings, font color, chat layout, background and more. All via an easy & simple control panel. You can create your own personal color scheme, instantly seeing your results, and then save it. To get your creativity flowing, any version 2.0+ now includes few preset themes created by me. The possibilities are endless, let your imagination go wild! Create your own custom FB experience. Enjoy!

If you like my extension, please share it with others. Your positive feedback is what drives me to improve it. Thanks!

If you created a color palette that you really like and like to send it to me, please email it to me at: - maybe I will include yours as one of the default presets in the next release. I welcome your suggestions - please email me your cool ideas.

Please Note: Facebook™ is a trademark of Facebook ™ Inc. This extension, namely “Color & Theme Changer for Facebook ™" has no connection to Facebook ™ inc.

Color change of Facebook ™「换色的Facebook ™」 截图
Color change of Facebook ™「换色的Facebook ™」 截图
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