Console Recorder for AWS

Console Recorder for AWS

Records actions made in the AWS Management Console and outputs the equivalent CLI/SDK commands and CloudFormation template.
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Use Firefox?


Click the orange Console Recorder for AWS icon in the top-right corner of your Chrome window. If you do not see it, you may find it by clicking the three vertical dots and checking the top row. Once the popup is presented, click the Start Recording button.

All supported actions will be recorded up until the point in which you click the icon again and select the Stop Recording button, at which point you will be presented with the dashboard for you to copy code from.


Not all actions and resources are supported yet, check for an up-to-date overview of supported actions and resources. This page is automatically generated.


Given the nature of the extension, and the frequency in which the AWS team make updates, bugs will be frequent and inevitable. If you find these bugs, check the issues page ( to see if it has already been raised and if not, feel free to raise it.

Console Recorder for AWS 截图
Console Recorder for AWS 截图
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