Tomato Pie

Tomato Pie

A new UI for Pomodoro Technique. Peek into your working status with ease
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从前,有只小白兔,一天它挖到一只好大的胡萝卜,往家里搬的时候,半路上杀出一只穿山甲一把抢走了小白兔的胡萝卜。小白兔生气冲着穿山甲说:“你干什么呢!”,穿山甲说: "591198815" 小白兔听了以后,立马就不要胡萝卜了。穿山甲到底说了什么?复制这条消息,然后打开支付宝,你就能知道答案。(点击复制)


- start new tomato from TODO

- red part: 25 minutes for one tomato

- green part: 5 minutes for rest

- show tomatoes of last 12 hours on clock

- view tomato history on calendar

- override default page for new tab

- indicate time on the extension icon

- get notifications when a tomato is finished

Source code and more introductions:


Tomato Pie 截图
Tomato Pie 截图
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