Polygon Demo

Polygon Demo

Hearts are your health, your life.
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Help me rescue my love and escape from this dream called ... POLYGON

Are you ready to explore the world Polygon ? Valentine's Day?

A good day ... maybe a bad dream, a nightmare did that he was returning to the world polygon where he lost the dear person. Now you have to help him to rescue her. You must find the key to access the first 4 worlds POLYGON ( City, Dungeons, Forest, City ), you open the door to access the latest world POLYGON (Love). You'll have to get hearts to pay any tolls. He needs your help.

"Polygon" is a platform game. No time, only you must collect hearts and not to spend them in order to access the different worlds. Hearts are your health, your life.


- It's very easy to lern how to play it.

- Scroll directions ( left, right and jump ).

- Polygon's world alive.

- Beautiful graphics minimalist with 5 amazing worlds to discover.

- Effects: lights, rain, fog, wind, thunder, volcanoes, waterfalls, waves, ...

- Be careful and escape from the dangers that lurk in the world with their platforms Polygon ( solid , moving, ropes, ... ), shots and enemies ( stars, pentagons, circles, triangles of death, rays, ...).

- Seamless integration with Twitter to share your progress with family, friends and invite them to play!

- Register your name and be one of the top 10 polygon's in the world!

Game Instructions

Keyboard and Mouse Support.


Left ----> A / left arrow

Jump ----> W / Up arrow

Right ---> D / right arrow

R -------> RePlay Level

X -------> Return to Main Menu


Click on the icons below the bottom of the screen to move the player.

To achieve your goal you through the five worlds of Polygon ( City, Dungeons, Forest, City and Love ) and get the access key in each of the first 4 worlds. No time in the game.


When you start a world of Polygon ( you provide a number of hearts)

- 1 heart gives you 1 point and 1 heart,

- If you get the key gives to you 5 hearts,

- The enemies will subtract 3 hearts,

- The bullets you subtract 1 heart,

- If you fall into the water or the volcano will subtract 25 hearts and if you have hearts, start again in a stored position.

You can not continue if you do not have hearts or the access key to the new world of Polygon.

There is a special toll on the world of Dungeons -Forest Polygon in which you must pay a toll of 25 hearts to continue.

Your points are saved as your game.

Polygon Demo 截图
Polygon Demo 截图
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