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Manage your Business on WhatsApp™
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>> Use WhatsApp™ on your computer <<

WhatsDock provides an App to use WhatsApp™ in your computer. The application works with Mac, PC, laptop and desktop, you only need to use Chrome Browser.

WhatsDock let you send WhatsApp™ messages to any number, even if the number is not in your contact list.

It is a great feature for any Business who want to send quick WhatsApp™ messages to their customers from a computer:

✔ Example for restaurants: "We confirm your reservation for tomorrow"

✔ Example for a Car Repair: "Your car is ready to be picked-up"

✔ Example for a Dentist: "We confirm your appointment for tomorrow"

✔ Example for an Service Company: "Our representant is on its way, expect his visit in a few minutes"

✔ Example for a Pizza delivery: "Your Pizza is ready, it is on its way to your home"

Any Small Business will find it useful to use WhatsDock to send WhatsApp™ to their customers.

You can even send messages to yourself, and use Whatsapp as a todo list or as a reminder.



✔ Send a message to multiple numbers that are not in your contact list

✔ Small window that allows you to be always online.

✔ Separate windows for contact list and chat.

✔ Custom notifications.

✔ Dark Theme.

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WhatsDock does not read, stored or analyze any of your activities on WhatsApp. It works by packing the existing WhatsApp Web application within a Chrome App. The only purpose is to provide a better user experience.

WhatsApp ™ is a trademark of WhatsApp Inc., registered in the US and other countries. This is a separate project and has no relationship with WhatsApp Inc. or WhatsApp ™.

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WhatsDock > WhatsApp for Business 截图
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