Halloween, Escape

Halloween, Escape

Take a ride in this Trick-or-Treat ghostly racing game!
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Halloween, Escape

The most terrifying Trick-or-Treat moment of the year has arrived again!

Enjoy dodging the many objects to reach the goal and take a ride in this disturbing forest of Trick-or-Treat with a terrifying hustle and bustle on this dark and spooky night.

Get ready to meet the disturbing night creatures of Halloween, such as ghosts, skulls, spiders, tombs, hands that stalk you, spells, extras and many more!

Take a ride in this spooky Trick-or-Treat game!

Do creepy stunts, head-on jumps and be the fastest through this spooky Trick-or-Treat forest to immortalize your worldwide record.

Have a lot of fun in a surprising but spooky game!


• A spooky circuit for lovers of challenges: reaching the highest scores.

• Magical boosters.

• Combine items in spectacular combos.

• Completely free strategy and game to avoid collisions with free updates, including new levels and challenges.

• Seamless integration with Twitter to share your progress with family and invite them to play!

• Super easy and fun to play but difficult to master!

• The game is optimized for tablets and smartphones.

• Register and be one of the top 7 pumpkins in the world!

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Halloween, Escape 截图
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