Hamsters New Tab

Hamsters New Tab

Just Install My Hamsters Themes To Get 4K pics Of Hamsters Every New Tab - Enjoy!
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You new tab page is about to get awesome! Use the great extension Hamsters if you are a fan, and enjoy beautiful HD background each time you open your browser!

Looks like you're about to have a great time with these amazing features we have installed for you! A weather forecast, accurate analog clock, interactive games, To Do List notepad and last but not least - A rotating wallpaper collection of the most beautiful HD pics to enjoy every time you open a new tab.

In order to fully enjoy all great extension features, we have to make a few changes in your new tab look and functionalities.If you're having some troubles with this extension and you need our help, please don'y hesitate sending us a message, we are here for you!

For an easy removal, choose our extension icon on the right up corner of your browser and press for removal.

Hope you find our wallpapers and features awesome and enjoy using it :)

Hamsters New Tab 截图
Hamsters New Tab 截图
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