GTA和GTA 5背景和新标签「GTA and GTA 5 Backgrounds & New Tab」

GTA和GTA 5背景和新标签「GTA and GTA 5 Backgrounds & New Tab」

使用GTA和GTA 5产品获得漂亮的壁纸,并获得惊人的东西,将提高您的浏览器!
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Thank you so much for joining our wonderful addon GTA and GTA 5! We worked really hard so you will fully enjoy the collection of breathtaking themes on your new tab. We created this addon for the lovers and devoted admirers of grand theft auto, san andres, vice city and many more.

adding this addon will change your new tab appearance and design. These alterations are just part of our user friendly elements and will help you enjoy our addon and many other upgraded elements.

Want to tell us something? Want to make a complaint? just send us an chat and don't worry we will get back to you comfortable

We hope you find our extension fun to use and let all your friends know about it. Thank you! :)

You know that we love you, right? but if you decided that you're sick of us already (noooo!!!) then you can in a moment erase us from your chrome with a single click on the product icon in the right upper corner.

These are just some of our addon options -

>>> nice connection and navigation icons to the leading social sites - Facebook, Twitter, Ebay, Gmail, YT and more.

>>> correct weather projection - For today and your week ahead. You can even change from Celsius to Fahrenheit So it suits you best.

>>> Analog clock that shows your current local time.

>>> Date based on your location.

>>> Try choosing your beloved picture or let us set it for you in rotator mode.

>>> User friendly and smooth to use with a customized search bar.

GTA和GTA 5背景和新标签「GTA and GTA 5 Backgrounds & New Tab」 截图
GTA和GTA 5背景和新标签「GTA and GTA 5 Backgrounds & New Tab」 截图
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