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Blocky Sniper

Blocky Sniper for free desktop and mobile games
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Snipers have the big and key roles in the wars. Especially in the special orders, all talented

snipers are very careful about their job. In the Blocky Sniper you can be one of them!

You can show your talents and power with your rifle.

There are so many important points in this game, we can check them now.

Perfect Sniper Shooting So many youth people and children want to be a sniper shooter in the war or similar games. Especially in the 3D Sniper Game you can be a powerful one. - In the first screen, you can buy a rifle or another gun if you have enough money. If not, you can go on with the standard one. - When the game is begin, you can see the first moments of the scenario. The big commander’s helicopter is landing and he get off the helicopter. And that time the battle is started. - You are on a building, top position and you have a sniper gun. You can see the targets from your position. These military targets try to destroy to the helicopter. Your main objective is defending the helicopter.

There are too many enemies, which ones have normal rifle and some of them use the RPG. - If you are on the PC, you can use the mouse and left click can be used for shooting. On the smart phones, you can use the touching actions also. - This game is really strange and more attractive than the other Sniper Games. So, you must be careful and focus on your enemies. When you skip every challenge, enemies will be more powerful than the previous time.

So, this game is being difficult on every next step. You can play this sniper game for free and enjoy with the perfect shooting scenes.Are you ready to test your military genius and agility? You're a sniper, you’ve been trained for the most dangerous duties. You are going to go to a hard duty, hold your breath, destroy real enemies with real soldiers and real bullets.

Blocky Sniper, is a blocky soldiers war game exactly for you. Your position in this game, the sniper. Remember, you do not have a chance to miss. There is a real world in the Block Sniper. The rules of the game are there and the task

is very difficult; Protect your commanders and prevent enemies from entering the military field with military vehicles and missiles and shooting.

Blocky Sniper is a real strategy game! This game has the rules and the missions is very hard.

Each episode has a separate excitement and a identified task world time. The winner is the

first shooter, in this game. If you want, you can use binoculars. Everything will be easy with

binoculars night vision. The sniper’s has a chance to make moves, such as zoom in and out, in

the game. So that you can see the enemy more closer. We gave you some signs (red) to know

your enemy before you shoot. When you aimed at the enemy troops, we identified them with

a red line on them, for your recognition.

The sniper must not spend the bullet in empty space, it must be fixed to the target and shoot

the enemy troops in one shot. Don’t make your enemy troops closer to helicopters, you know,

there are very high ranking militaries. Grab your breath while you are under fire and do not

move your gun, otherwise the bullet may be wasted. Under fire, protect your gun friends!

Complete your mission and be prepared for other missions!

Blocky Sniper is a real sniper. Make good use of the opportunities offered that are presented

to you in the game; Be quick, do not forget to aim, waste your bullet. Your commanders have

seen you worthy of this mission; Because you are the best.

Do not let the enemy troops to blow up your helicopter! If the helicopter explodes, you might

never come back to home. May not suitable your sniper weather conditions to pass the some

mission. You should buy a more advanced (weapon) “sniper” from the market. Similar

Minecraft games.Tactics is the most important element; You should

analysis your enemies tactics well.

They do not know who you are. Your enemies can not destroy you without can not see you. You’re

a sniper, do not show your whereabouts. Now if you believe you are ready; Act like a soldier,

run your gun and take aim, ‘fire’!

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Blocky Sniper 截图
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