Awesome Wallpapers & New Tab

Awesome Wallpapers & New Tab

Awesome Is An Awesome New Tab Product For All Fans Of Awesome
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Welcome guys! we put some really hard work into Awesome addon so you can enjoy the most cool, Amazing, Beautiful and Awesome wallpapers and HD Themes every time you open a new tab!

We really wanted you to have the greatest expiriance with our Awesome addon, that's why we put a lot of work and effort in making this Awesome extension the best.

Get ready for beautiful, high quelity pics you'll see every time you open a new tab. And along with that, easy and fast access to news sites, social media sites, calander, latest updates on all things happening and a cosumized note pad for all you busy bees!

You may notice a small change in the style and form of your new Awesome tab. No worries, that's just us making your new tab awesome!

Please let us know if you have any questions or feedback about Awesome. We are always looking for ways to become better for you!

We sure don't want to see you go, but if you must - you can go to your browser's setting and remove this Awesome extension easily.

Thank you for supporting this Awesome extension, we truly appreciate it!

May you have the best time using this Awesome extension :)

Awesome Wallpapers & New Tab 截图
Awesome Wallpapers & New Tab 截图
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