GOT7背景和新标签「GOT7 Backgrounds & New Tab」

GOT7背景和新标签「GOT7 Backgrounds & New Tab」

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Well hello everyone! We are more than happy you joined our great extension GOT7. With great love and care, we created this amazing GOT7 extension for all you loving fans of the GOT7 K-pop band.

Imagine a new GOT7 tab that gathered all your favorite features and sites in just a click away..Well that is possible! Our GOT7 extension offers you a new GOT7 tab with tons of themes, a direct access to a weather forecast, a costume to do list and many more amazing features.

Wanna ask us anything? please do! contact us and we promise to reply ASAP!

Want to remove this GOT7 extension? No prob! Click on the GOT7 extension icon and uninstall in. Easy as that.

GOT7背景和新标签「GOT7 Backgrounds & New Tab」 截图
GOT7背景和新标签「GOT7 Backgrounds & New Tab」 截图
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