精制GitHub「Refined GitHub」

精制GitHub「Refined GitHub」

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- Mark issues and pull requests as unread

- Tabs in code are shown as 4 spaces instead of 8 spaces

- Fix merge conflicts in a click

- Reaction avatars showing who reacted to a comment

- Clickable references to issues and pull requests

- View linked gists inline in comments

- View the source of Markdown files

- Open all your notifications at once

- Copy a file's content

- Full names of comment authors are shown next to their username

- Followers you know are shown on profile pages

- Badge on user's profile if they follow you

- The news feeds automagically expands when you scroll down

- And much more…

See the website for more info.

精制GitHub「Refined GitHub」 截图
精制GitHub「Refined GitHub」 截图
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