Sasuke Backgrounds & New Tab

Sasuke Backgrounds & New Tab

Get a Better Looking Browser With Sasuke Themes Extension
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Well hey there everyone! We are more than happy you joined us to our lovely extension Sasuke. With big love and care, we created this amazing software for all you loving followers of Sasuke.

Except for epic pics of Sasuke, we also added to our extension some awesome options so you can fully enjoy it.

You can pick out your favorite Sasuke pics and they will be your background for as long as you like. Plus, we are constantly updating our stunning Sasuke pics so you can enjoy the best pictures ever! We also added a calendar and note board, awesome games and other fun features.

If you no longer enjoy our Sasuke extension, you can erase it without any problem through your extensions chrome settings.

Notice, as you download our Sasuke extension, your agree for an alteration on your browser's new tab page elements and style. So don't be alarmed, that's just us making your new tab fabulous with all these great Sasuke wallpapers and features.

Wanna ask us anything? please do! get in touch with us and we promise to answer ASAP!

Hope you and your friend enjoy our awesome Sasuke extension, we sure will! !

Sasuke Backgrounds & New Tab 截图
Sasuke Backgrounds & New Tab 截图
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