Gmail Email Marketing & Newsletter Creator

Gmail Email Marketing & Newsletter Creator

Build mailing lists from Google Contacts. Create email newsletters from blog content in minutes. Send & track emails.
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Flashissue is for Gmail and Google Apps users who want to save time and hassle.

Our newsletter email marketing tools help you get more out of Gmail and Google Apps.

Find fresh content for your email newsletters - turn your blog into an email newsletter in seconds using our curation features.

Use with Gmail:

* Create an email newsletter & send thru Gmail

* Build a mailing list from Google Contacts

* Track performance with Reports

Email marketing that integrates with Google products:

* Works with Google Contacts & Groups

* Integrates with Gmail

* Use with your Google Sites

* Import images from Google Drive to your newsletter

Create email newsletters from social media content

* Import your blog content into email newsletters

* Search for web content by keyword

* It's email newsletter marketing for social

Install our email newsletter Chrome extension as well:

* Clip interesting web articles for your email newsletters

* Design and create email newsletters right INSIDE Gmail

* Find the email newsletter clipper - search for “Flashissue”

Great for:

DIY marketers, bloggers, sales people, business pros, CEO’s & managers, entrepreneurs, communication managers in companies & content curation consultants wanting to create emails.

Login using your Gmail account and start creating an email newsletter to send with Gmail. Search for the Flashissue newsletter creator for Gmail. - "Instant email newsletters and email marketing tools"

Email marketing tools for Gmail and Google App users who want to send email newsletters faster.

Gmail Email Marketing & Newsletter Creator 截图
Gmail Email Marketing & Newsletter Creator 截图
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