KeepKey Client

KeepKey Client

A simple cryptocurrency wallet that integrates with the KeepKey device
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Release History


4.3.10 - Big fix

4.3.9 - Bug fix: Shapeshift from BTC is broken

4.3.8 - Bug fix: Wallet list load doesn't hang

4.3.7 - Bug fix: Make sure that BitcoinCash isn't listed in the add account dropdown

4.3.6 - Bug fix: Send transaction hangs

4.3.5 - Notifications, new features overlay, API sharding, About Keepkey screen

4.2.10 - Dash support

4.0.5 - Bug fixes: Shapeshift works with accounts that have addresses starting with 0. Sanitize account names when building the regular expression for destination validation.

4.0.4 - Security fix for Etherscan API

4.0.3 - Minor fixes

4.0.2 - Adjust the default application window size

4.0.1 - Standalone application and add Ethereum support

3.0.9 - Bug fix: Much big. Such precise. Wow!

3.0.5 - Notify user of availability of Ethereum in beta release

2.1.1 - Add better error reporting for exchange failures

2.1.0 - Multicurrency Support

1.3.4 - Fix handling of transactions with OP_PUSH in an output

1.3.3 - Fix account loading after device is initialized

1.3.2 - Increase stability

1.3.1 - Detect pre-release firmware

1.3.0 - Multiple Receive Addresses

1.2.0 - Change the source of fee estimates

1.1.0 - Show progress when signing large transactions.

1.0.0 - Support for multiple accounts, many fixes to improve security, privacy and performance.

0.4.1 - Update the firmware to version 1.1.0

0.3.10 - Fix for miscalculating the balance when the wallet has more than 200 transactions.

0.3.9 - Quick fix for an order of operations error when initializing the device.

0.3.8 - Fix: When sending multiple transactions in a short time period, invalid transactions are created.

0.3.7 - Firmware update, support for ssh auth.

0.3.6 - Fixed spending of outputs from large transactions.

0.3.5 - Fixed handling of large transactions.

0.3.2 - Added a few commands to the node CLI.

0.3.1 - Misc. cleanup of the transaction list

0.3.0 - Added transaction history page

0.2.5 - Fix: Spending transactions that have lock_time set (Thanks to Enrique A. and Xunknown1 for their help tracking this down).

0.2.4 - Recalculate balance after transaction received, remove support for Trezor since it doesn't work correctly.

0.2.3 - Use transaction confidence to address transaction malleability.


- Enable sending to multisig addresses.

- Add a button to copy the address to the clipboard on the receive screen.

- Clear the receive screen when the address is acknowleged on the device.

- Added a spinner to show when the wallet is being created.

- Better data handling after re/initializing the device.

- Better handling of wallets with large number of transactions.

- Switch the blockchain API to BlockCypher

0.1.0 - First major release

KeepKey Client 截图
KeepKey Client 截图
KeepKey Client 截图
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