FC Barcelona Wallpapers New Tab

FC Barcelona Wallpapers New Tab

FC Barcelona new tab wallpapers amazing collection.
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Fc barcelona backgrounds gallery to your own screen new tab. Following the setup of the app you'll have a brand new fc barcelona everytime opening a browser tab.

This extension has a huge gallery of backgrounds and themes like fcb logo. With new and unique new tabs added to the collection daily. So you'll get a new luis suarez soccer new tabs weekly for your screen. And each tabs is designed to fit with any screen and add on.

Key features:

time, date & weather forecast may also be enabled on the fc barcelona tab if you want it. Clean design! Get a new fc barcelona new tabs, or select just your preferred one. Set from barça neymar. Tap into the most cool games add on with 100+ mini games. Themes high quality quality.

Soon we will add icons, alarms and notification sounds to our extension.

This app contains a collection of the best free fc barcelona messi football club backgrounds and themes for your google chrome. All our themes have been personally selected so you can personalize your chrome browser.

Nobody is perfect… your feedback is more than welcome.

FC Barcelona Wallpapers New Tab 截图
FC Barcelona Wallpapers New Tab 截图
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