Kaizena Pin

Kaizena Pin

Automatically open Kaizena in every Google Doc.
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NOTE: Kaizena Pin works alongside Kaizena for Google Docs. You'll need to install Kaizena for Google Docs first:

1) Go to kaizena.com

2) click "Install Now (Free)"


If you have ever wanted Kaizena to automatically open in every Google Doc, the Kaizena Pin Chrome Extension is for you.

After installing Kaizena Pin, a push-pin icon will appear next to the close button at the top of the Kaizena Add-on. Click the push-pin icon, and Kaizena will open automatically next time you open any Google Doc.

We hope this makes providing fast, high quality feedback even more efficient.

Kaizena Pin 截图
Kaizena Pin 截图
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