Dollchan扩展工具「Dollchan Extension Tools」

Dollchan扩展工具「Dollchan Extension Tools」

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Dollchan Extension is an extension that combines various options & features, making you hang out on imageboards in an easier and more convenient way. If you have visited sites like or, then you probably already heard about Dollchan Extension as a user script. Now you can add your favorite features as an extension.

It provides such functions:

- Sending posts without rebooting.

- Thread updater with different types of alerts (for example, blinking favicon - desktop notification when new posts appear).

- Hiding posts and threads by a wide choice of expressions and rules.

- Saving threads entirely with the originals of pictures.

- Expanding threads directly on the index page.

- Adding interesting threads to your Favorites to track new posts or responses to your posts.

- "Endless scrolling" of index pages with threads.

- Easy navigation through >>links as a posts tree.

- Embedding player to YouTube and Vimeo links.

- Easy navigation through attached pictures / videos in posts.

- Adding pictures to the reply form with convenient preview thumbnails.

- Embedding preview thumbnails to .jpg / .png / .gif links.

- Adding your CSS rules.

- Hotkeys for many functions.

... and many other features!

A list of supported sites includes all imageboards based on Wakaba, Kusaba, Tinyboard, Vichan, TinyIB, LynxChan, FoolFuuka, their derivatives, or any other board engine that generates a html source parsable by the Dollchan, implying no critical changes were made by board maintainers.

Dollchan扩展工具「Dollchan Extension Tools」 截图
Dollchan扩展工具「Dollchan Extension Tools」 截图
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