MessageViewer Online by Encryptomatic

MessageViewer Online by Encryptomatic

View e-mail messages in EML, MSG and winmail.dat formats, access e-mail file attachments
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MessageViewer Online lets you open email messages stored as .msg, .eml or winmail.dat files. Your message will be displayed fully formatted, and you can download any email file attachments.

Your email messages are automatically erased when your session ends, and no information is collected or retained.

.MSG files are individual email messages created by Microsoft Outlook. MessageViewer Online also supports viewing of email messages stored as .eml files, an open format used by Windows Mail, Outlook Express and other email clients including Thunderbird.

Encryptomatic LLC was established in 2005. Our email viewers have been downloaded millions of times and are used by large companies, governments and individuals around the world. This project is a demonstration of our MVCOM component for parsing email content. An offline version of this software is available for Windows users at

We hope you will find this free app to be useful. Please feel free to contact us through our support website with any questions or comments about how we can improve MessageViewer Online for Chrome users.

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MessageViewer Online by Encryptomatic 截图
MessageViewer Online by Encryptomatic 截图
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