Superman New Tab

Superman New Tab

Just Install My Superman Themes To Get 4K pics Of Superman Every New Tab - Enjoy!
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Your new tab page is about to get awesome! Use Superman if your are a Superman fan, and enjoy beautiful HD background each time you open your browser!

Looks like you're about to have a great time with these amazing features we have installed for you! A weather forecast, accurate analog clock, interactive games, search bar, To Do List notepad and last but not least - A rotating wallpaper collection of the most beautiful HD pics of Superman to enjoy every time you open a new tab.

In order to fully enjoy all great extension features, we have to make a few changes in your new tab look and functionalities.

If you're having some troubles with this extension and you need our help, please don'y hesitate sending us a message, we are here for you!


For an easy removal of Superman , choose the Superman extension icon on the right up corner of your browser and press for removal.

Hope you find our Superman wallpapers and features awesome and enjoy using it :)

Superman New Tab 截图
Superman New Tab 截图
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