All-in-One Messenger

All-in-One Messenger

Use messengers like WhatsApp, Telegram, Messenger, Skype and many more in one app!
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All-in-One Messenger combines chat and messaging services into one simple application.

Use it for the following messenger and chat like a boss:

- WhatsApp

- Skype

- Google Hangouts

- Facebook Messenger


- Steam

- Slack

- HipChat

- Telegram

- WeChat

- ChatWork

- GroupMe

- Gitter

- Grape

- Discord

- Flowdock

- Yahoo Messenger

- Tencent QQ

- XMPP (Jabber)


- Mattermost

- Rocket.Chat

- DingTalk

- Dasher

- Noysi

- BearyChat

- Missive

- Zalo

- Crisp

- Flock

✔ Mulitple Instances

You can even use mulitple instances of one messenger e.g. Whatsapp, Slack or Facebook, which makes it the perfect tool to manage multiple business accounts all at the same time.

✔ Optimized for Chrome

All-in-One Messenger uses a lot of Chrome technology like the fast Javascript v8 engine. It runs fluid on your Chromebook by the way.

✔ Privacy & Security

All-in-One Messenger does not read anything you type, send or receive! It does not even store any of your login credentials anywhere. Each messenger lives in its own tab, which can not be accessed by other messengers. This is what makes it possible to use multiple accounts (of Skype for example) at the same time. It also has the nice benefit of preventing cross-domain tracking of Facebook etc. as you don’t have to be logged-in with your main browser. Overall, using All-in-One Messenger does provide a couple of advantages when it comes to security.

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All-in-One Messenger 截图
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