Boruto火影忍者背景和主题「Boruto Naruto Backgrounds & Themes」

Boruto火影忍者背景和主题「Boruto Naruto Backgrounds & Themes」

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Howdy ! We are thrilled you joined us! Welcome to the Boruto Naruto extension. We created it in great effort so you and other loving fans of Naruto, Boruto, , Itachi Uchiha and Naruto Shippuden could enjoy the experience.

**Great Functionalities**

High quality Boruto Naruto HD wallpapers to your demand and a crazy collection of interactive games? This is too good to be true!

We also added a new and improved calendar and a weather forecast with all of your favorite Boruto Naruto themes! Other than that, you can fully customized your Boruto Naruto new tab page and select your favorite sites to be in a click away.

Also, you can pick your favorites Boruto Naruto photos and your favorite Boruto Naruto icons!

We can go on and on about our great Boruto Naruto extension, but we really want you to try our Boruto Naruto extension for yourself, enjoy!


If you no longer enjoy Boruto Naruto extension, you can remove it without any problem via your Boruto Naruto extension browser settings.

**Contact Us**

If you have any comment or question about Boruto Naruto tab you more than welcomed to write to us!! our Boruto Naruto tab team will answer you as fast as they can!!

we told you everything you need to know about our Bruto Naruto new extension so have fun and enjoy with your Boruto Naruto amazing new tab!!

Boruto火影忍者背景和主题「Boruto Naruto Backgrounds & Themes」 截图
Boruto火影忍者背景和主题「Boruto Naruto Backgrounds & Themes」 截图
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