Persona 5 Wallpapers & Themes

Persona 5 Wallpapers & Themes

Persona 5 Is An Awesome New Tab Product For All Persona 5 Lovers Out There!
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Welcome to the Persona 5 extension! For all you true supporters of Persona 5 and Persona series enjoy a vast variety of the highest quality backgrounds in the world!

So we added a few functionalities to brighten up your day -

*Best games available to play straight off your new Persona 5 tab page.

*Direct links to your preferred websites - Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and whatever else you like.

*Create your own memo board and notepad so you can always stay tuned. We can keep going all day, Hope you enjoy our Persona 5 addon!

If you notice a change in your browsers settings,don't be alarmed, that's alright! We just want to make sure you fully enjoy all our extensions features!

Please feel free sending us mail , and we will be here to answer and chat.

If you decided this Persona 5 isn't for you, we won't be mad we promise.. For a sharp removal, go to the addon bar on your chrome setting and select the addon you want to remove.

Have fun using this awesome Persona 5 extension and let your friends know so they can also enjoy it!

Persona 5 Wallpapers & Themes 截图
Persona 5 Wallpapers & Themes 截图
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