Keep your search history private with SearchLock: the anonymous, encrypted search engine and privacy tool.
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SearchLock helps you keep your searches private. Prevents yourself from being profiled based on your searches.


1. SearchLock detects and redirects your searches while using Google, Bing, Ask, and other search engines that profile you for advertising purposes to SearchLock's privacy-enhancing search engine instead. This includes while you are searching from their branded sites.

This means that all of your queries, even those made from branded search pages like or will be redirected to SearchLock's results where you are not profiled.

2. SearchLock blocks these same search engines from logging your keystrokes by deactivating the search suggestion feature.

Simply put, SearchLock prevents popular search engines including Google, Bing, and Ask from building a profile about you based on your search history by redirecting your searches to safety.

Your privacy is safe with SearchLock.


Privacy policy:


How to Uninstall


To uninstall or temporarily de-activate SearchLock:

1. Click on the Chrome settings menu/icon

2. Click Tools

3. Choose Extensions

3. Disable or Delete by clicking the trash can icon

For more specific instructions, go to:

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SearchLock 截图
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