狗新标签「Dogs New Tab」

狗新标签「Dogs New Tab」

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Welcome to the Dogs new tab extension! enjoy a vast variety of the highest quality dogs, dog and puppies wallpapers in the world! So if you are a real lover of dog, dogs, puppies, puppy - this new tab is just for you :)

Except for epic themes, we also added to our Dogs extension some awesome options so you can fully enjoy it.

You can also pick out your favorite dogs wallpapers and they will be your background for as long as you like. Plus, we are constantly updating our Dogs HD pics so you can enjoy the best backgrounds ever! A weather and notepad and more fun features.

want to remove dogs extension? we wont be mad (we promise!!) , click on the Dogs icon on your browser and press delete.

If you have any comment, review or just a question about Dogs extension you more than welcomed to contact our great team!! they will love to hear from you !! :)

Well, what's left to say? hope you enjoy our Dogs great extension!

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狗新标签「Dogs New Tab」 截图
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