A text editor for ChromeOS and Chrome.
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Text.app is a simple text editor for Chrome OS and Chrome. It's fast, lets you open multiple files at once, has syntax highlighting, and saves to Google Drive on Chrome OS.

File bugs:


Version 0.5.68

- Mimic Sublime default Tab behaviour

Version 0.5.62

- Chinese translation by @LarkinZero

- Portugese translation by @sergiois

- Bug fixes.

Version 0.5.39

- Bug fixes

Version 0.5.12

- Fix syntax highlighting in Monokai.

- Add Ctrl-Shift-W shortcut to close window.

Version 0.5.7

- Shows how many matching search results.

- Remove old implementation of autosave feature.

- Fix keyboard navigation in confirmation dialog.

- Use newer version of CodeMirror library.

- Suggest 'txt' extension for the newly created files.

- Display 'Loading...' notification when loading a file.

- Switch to the previous tab using Ctrl-Shift-Tab.

Version 0.4.90

- Reopen files on startup.

- Suggest the filename for new files.

- Show file path when hovering on tab name.

- Bug fixes.

Version 0.4.53

- Switch from Ace to CodeMirror editor component.

- Make left panel resizable and remember the state.

- Report errors while saving file.

- Add an option to translate tabs to spaces.

- Underscore the matching bracket.

- Add an option to turn on/off smart indentation.

- Fixed several bugs.

Version 0.4.18

- Fixed a saving bug for M-30 canary.

Version 0.4.12

- Bug fixes and UI tweaks

Version 0.4.1

- Rolled a new version of the underlying code editor

- No longer matching to *.* file extensions on Chrome OS

- Visual tweaks to title bar

- Bug fixes

Version 0.3.16

- Change font size with Ctrl-+ / Ctrl--

- Add an option to switch line numbers on/off.

- Change shortcut for opening sidebar from Ctrl-Space to Alt-Space.

- Disable autosave until the relevant issue in Chrome is resolved.

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