Do It (Tomorrow)

Do It (Tomorrow)

The todo App for procrastinators ;)
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Why do today what you can put off till tomorrow?

Do you love procrastinating? Why do today what you can put off till tomorrow? That's the spirit! Do It (Tomorrow) is the Todo app for you.

Planning out your entire week is a bummer - Do It Tomorrow lets you give yourself reminders for today, but makes it really easy to push things off to tomorrow. Party today, do tasks tomorrow!


-- Full virtual todo notebook experience

-- Fastest todo entry

-- Simple interface - just todo and just today and tomorrow

-- Easily check off tasks as completed or delete them altogether

-- Edit todos in-place

-- Companion extension to quickly add tasks via a browser button:

Sync options

-- Cloud syncs with the iPhone / iPad / Android Apps

-- Google Task Sync is also available (in-app)

-- Free iPhone App:

-- Everyday Notes for iPhone can sync task history -

- Memo Notepad for iPhone: uses your sync account, general note taking:

### NOTE To Do It Tomorrow FANS! ###

Thanks a lot for your support and for the nice reviews! You are all awesome!

We listen to you and are working on adding features you are missing!

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