Bape新标签和主题「Bape New Tab & Themes」

Bape新标签和主题「Bape New Tab & Themes」

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Ready for it? All Bape loving fans - gather around! Welcome to the great wallpaper extension Bape, hope you enjoy it!

Our biggest goal was to create the best Bape new tab extension that didn't only include our hand picked HD Bape wallpapers but a few more great features. In order to do that, we created an interactive Bape new tab page that includes the best games in the world for you play in, a custom calendar and note pad to write down all your notes, a direct access to all the biggest sites you love with news updates from all over the world and many more improved features, right from your Bape new tab page!.

If you wish to remove this Bape extension,it's not a problem. Click on your extensions icon, look for the Bape extension and remove it.

May you enjoy our Bape extension and have fun!

Bape新标签和主题「Bape New Tab & Themes」 截图
Bape新标签和主题「Bape New Tab & Themes」 截图
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