Skins Tab for Minecraft

Skins Tab for Minecraft

The Chrome extension 'Skins Tab for Minecraft' allows you to set your favourite Minecraft player skin within a few seconds.
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The Chrome extension "Skins Tab for Minecraft" adds a New Tab feature to the browser. In this New Tab, you can search from millions of skins, download your favourite one or change it directly to your linked Minecraft account.


- Top Skins of the Week

- Newly added Skins

- Search for a specific user skin

- Collection of websites with skins

- New Tab functionality with Yahoo Search

By clicking on "Add to Chrome" I accept to install Skins Tab for Minecraft which is setting New Tab to which is provided by the service.

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Skins Tab for Minecraft 截图
Skins Tab for Minecraft 截图
Skins Tab for Minecraft 截图
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