Mirai Nikki Backgrounds & New Tab

Mirai Nikki Backgrounds & New Tab

Real Mirai Nikki Fans Must Install This New Tab Extension - Get Mirai Nikki Wallpapers And More Cool Features
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Welcome to the Welcome to the Mirai Nikki extension! For all you loyal fans of Mirai Nikki enjoy a vast variety of the highest quality wallpapers in the world!

As we mentioned, our extension is all about your favorite theme wallpapers. But we think you deserve more... So we added a few features to brighten up your day -

*Best games available to play straight off your new tab page.

*Direct links to your favorite sites - Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and whatever else you like.

*Create your own task board and note pad so you can always stay tuned.

We can keep going all day, Hope you enjoy our extension!

You should know, once you download our extension, you agree for a minor alteration in your browser design. That's necessary so you will be able to enjoy all our amazing features.

We worked really hard so you and your friend will enjoy using our extension. So for any questions or feedback, don't hesitate, send us a message!

Had enough of us already? That's O.k, just head to your extension icon and remove it from your browser.

If you like this extension, Please let your friends know it also! Thank you for joining and have fun!

Mirai Nikki Backgrounds & New Tab 截图
Mirai Nikki Backgrounds & New Tab 截图
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